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FamilyWize Prescription Price Comparison Widgets

Using FamilyWize to save on prescription costs is even easier than ever with our Prescription Price Comparison Widget!

This free tool allows you to display on your website the best available prices for generic and brand name prescription drugs in real time. By simply entering a prescription drug name and zip code, your website visitors will be able to see how much different pharmacies in their area charge for their medication. Users can adjust the widget’s pricing results based on dosage amount, pill count, medication form, and generic or brand name.

Choose a size and style of widget that works best for you, then paste our code snippet to your website today. We refresh the content automatically, so pricing is always current and up-to-date.

Step 1: Select your widget preferences

FamilyWize Prices Only
Users enter their drug name and ZIP code to see the FamilyWize price at pharmacies nearby.

FamilyWize Prescription Discount Card
FamilyWize Card
Save an average of 45%
Step 2: Copy the following code snippet and add it to your site
<div><iframe src='' style='height:600px;width:300px;border: none;background-color:white;'></iframe></div>

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